Virtual Online Training

Extemporaneous Compounding of Botanicals: With emphasis on Medicinal Cannabis

Dates: Feb 5th – Feb 26th, 2023.
Cost $1000 USD or $155,000 JMD
*The first 10 registrants will receive early bird deal of $120,000 JMD

Training Schedule: Extemporaneous Compounding of Botanicals: With emphasis on Medicinal Cannabis

SessionDate/DurationTimePresenterMain Topic
1Sun- Feb 5th 10-12pmDr. Winsome ChristieIntroduction to the Extemporaneous Compounding Course
on Botanicals with Emphasis on Cannabis
2Wed-Feb 8th 7-9pmDr. GoulbourneThe legal Environment for the handling of Medicinal Cannabis
3Sun-Feb 12th 10-12pm, 3-5pmDr. Thelma Nelson & Dr. Winsome ChristieIntroduction to Cannabis as Medicine
4Wed-Feb 15th7-9pmDr. W Christie& Mrs Nelcia SalmonIndication for Cannabis
5Sun-Feb 19th10-12pm, 3-5pmDr. Thelma Nelson & Dr. Winsome ChristiePharmacology
6Wed-Feb 22nd 7-9pmMr Kemar Bennett & Dr. Winsome ChristieProtocols for Overseas
7Sun-Feb 26th  10-12pm, 3-5pmMr. Patterson & Mrs. Nelcia SalmonWorkshop

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Meet the Panelists

Mr. Michael Patterson


Mr. Patterson holds a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Ethno- pharmacology and Bachelors of Pharmacy degree. He has authored and published numerous research papers in journals of the Caribbean Association of Pharmacy and the West Indian Medical Journal. Mr. Patterson also presented Scientific Papers on behalf of UWI in Grenada and over four other Scientific Territories. 

Mr. Patterson has received the Trophy for Best Regional Pharmacy Research Presentation in 2004. He has also received UTech, Jamaica Peer Award in 2017 for Outstanding Researcher. He has worked at various manufacturing companies as Head of Product Development and in one instance he was the Quality Assurance manager. In his managerial portfolio he has marketed and produced over 13 ethical products including veterinary products ( some are still in the trade). He is presently engaged in a cannabis special project. 

15 years experience as Head of Product Development , Manufacturing Pharmacist.

Lecturer in Experimental Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Dispensing,


Published Herbal Research papers in West Indian Medical Journal and C.A.Ps Journals.

Recipient of numerous awards for research

Uppa Peer award for outstanding graduate researcher

Pharmaceutical consultancy some companies.

Special project on use of Cannabis to treat two medical conditions

Product Development of herbal and cannabis based products.

Dr. Winsome Beverley Christie


For over three decades, Dr. Winsome Beverley Christie has given sterling service to the medical industry in Jamaica, earning her the National Award, Badge of Honour (Merit) in 2017, as well as the President’s Award Utech, Jamaica, 2018 for Outstanding Past Student. Her dexterity in the medical field spans two important roles, a Naturopathic Doctor (Traditional) and Clinical Pharmacist.

She has clients who come from as far as Canada, the U.S., United Kingdom, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and St. Martin as well as locally. She serves as an advisor to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Advisory Boards, Committees, and Regulatory Agencies within the Ministry of Health and Wellness. She has established the first Complementary and Alternative Health Pharmacy in Jamaica which provides high quality and affordable health care to all as well as specialized compounded formulae. She has also designed educational courses to enable others to pursue training in this field.

Dr. Christie’s specialized skills are also accessible through her media presence on various national TV and radio shows and the delivery of high-quality articles. Capacity building programmes for health professionals in government and private institutions are also a significant part of Dr. Winsome Christie’s professional repertoire.

She has been a lecturer at several Universities and Colleges for over 10 years; The All-American Institute of Medical Sciences (AAIMS), The University of Technology and Church Teachers College. Dr. Christie has a Doctoral Degree in Naturopathy, Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Nutrition, a Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy and a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition as a few of her credentials 

Doctor Christie is currently a candidate in a Fellowship Course at the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, La Jolla, California and is affiliated with Cannabis research agencies.

Mr. Kevar Bennett


Mr. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree with an adept background in Community pharmacy, Public Health, Research and Digital Pharmaceutical care. 

He has been working with renowned scientific researcher, Dr. Lawrence Williams in the area of cancer research for the past two years. He also has been involved in other areas of research which includes cannabis, innovations in pharmaceutical care and digitization.
As an undergraduate, Mr. Bennett served as President and Public Relations Officer of the UTech’s Pharmacy Students Association and Pharmacy Representative for the College of Health Science. He currently serves as the Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica. 

Mr. Bennett has received the 2019 Caribbean Association of Pharmacists Afzal Abdool National Award, an award given to the top Student Leader in the Caribbean and the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Leadership (shortlisted). He was also the recipient of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica President’s Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service in the Pharmacy Programme and the Youth Leader Award 2020. 

Mr. Bennett is currently an enrolled Masters Candidate at the University of Strathclyde, in Scotland, specializing in Research Development and Digital Pharmaceutical Healthcare. 

Dr. Thelma Nelson


Graduated from UWI in 1970 with BSc in Chemistry and Applied Chemistry.

Awarded PAHO fellowship in 1972 to study Drug Analysis and Testing.
Trained at the FDA’s Pharm Chem Lab in Tunney’s Pasture, Ottawa, Canada.

Trained at the Regional Drug Testing Laboratory , Montreal, Canada.
Graduated from UWI in 1978 with Postgraduate diploma in Public Administration.

Graduated from CAST with Dip Pharmacy in 1983 and UTECH in 1998 with BPharm.

Graduated from University of Florida in 2008 with PharmD.

Received Specialist training in Water Chemistry, Identification and Analysis of Psychotropic substances ; pyrogen and sterility testing, bioassay techniques, chromatographic analysis; contraceptive technology, intrauterine devices, patient counseling and respiratory devices.

Worked at Government Chemist Department as Gazetted Analyst; National Housing Corporation as Senior Director(Admin; Projects & Research); Dunrobin Pharmacy(Owner and Pharmacist); Part-time Lecturer at UTECH

Miss Nelcia Salmon


Miss. Salmon is a Pharmacy graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica since 1978, and holds a Bachelor of Science (USA), and numerous training certificates which facilitates her specialist in compounding. 

She Holds Certification in Medical Marijuana Dispensary Management, Learn Sativa University, 2019 Florida and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Broward College, 2014.

Miss Salmon has several licenses to practice Pharmacy in the U.S; such as from the Northern America licensure system, Florida State licensure and Florida Board licensure as well as a permit from The Florida Department of Agriculture, Cannabis and Food Establishment. 

Miss. Salmon currently owns and operates a Retail Health Supplements store in Ft Lauderdale, Florida and is also the founder and managing director of The CBD Shop (DBA) in the same state. Her expertise in these areas has produced formulary herbal supplements including liquids, capsules and powders. She also manufactures creams, soaps and oils. Miss Salmon also offers custom designed and compounds natural supplements based on patient consultations. 

Dr. Radcliffe Goulbourne


Dr. Goulbourne has given 40 years of unbroken service to public sector pharmacy rising through the ranks to the top executive of the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica.

He has been an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica, who has served as an Executive member of the Society for many years. He is currently a part time lecturer to the Pharmacy Law section of the Pharmacy programme at UTech, Jamaica.

He has sat on School Boards within his community in Chapelton and was an executive member of the Glenmuir High School Parent Teachers’ Association.

Introducing CIPPPAR

CIPPPAR  was established in 2008 as part of a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Technology, Jamaica and the Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy, Practice and Research (CIPPPAR) . The institute also manages the affairs of the UTech Pharmacy Alumni (UPA). The founder and convenor of CIPPPAR is Associate Professor Ellen Campbell Grizzle

CIPPPAR was established to:

– Undertake research in the field of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals including observational studies and clinical trials

– Broker policy for the advancement of the profession

– Offer short courses and credentialing opportunities

– Undertake psychometric assessment for entry into Caribbean Schools of Pharmacy

– Manage the UTech Pharmacy Alumni to:

  1. Provide financial support for pharmacy students  in need of financial support
  2. Promote the programmes and activities of the School of Pharmacy
  3. Provide mentorship for Pharmacy students
  4. Plan events to raise funds for the School of Pharmacy
  5. Encourage pharmacy graduates to donate funds and other resources for the enhancement of programme delivery

Unakite Clinical Studies Network

In the field of Clinical Studies, Dr. Grizzle established a Network to provide a range of services for clients and patients in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. The name of this Jamaican based entity is Unakite Clinical Studies Network (UCSN).

Unakite addresses the paucity in clinical studies services in the Caribbean in the areas of alliopathic medicines and herbals including Medical Cannabis. Although a new entity established in 2017, the core members of Unakite are experienced specialists and consultants who are extremely competent in conducting a vast array of clinical studies